Kate Heartsong

As an engaging empowerment speaker, Kate Heartsong inspires her audiences to:

–  reach their highest potential

–  gain new heights of self-appreciation

–  increase self-confidence and calm; reduce fear and stress

–  and more

“Kate makes you feel safe to share your ideas and gives you tools …… she cares!

Thank you Kate.”  Stephanie T.


Her clients and audiences benefit from the simple, proven and transformative tools and strategies Kate offers.  She is known as the “Confidence Coach”, is the celebrated author of Deeply We Are One, contributing author for Speaking Your Truth and has appeared on radio and TV shows.

The audiences at the Federal Government, Jeffco Workforce Center, Mile High United Way, Toastmasters’ Leadership Conference, People House and Colorado Free University, and other organizations, have benefited from Kate’s speaking engagements and workshops.

Here’s an insightful 1 hour webinar on You Tube.  Click below:

    It’s From the Inside Out! with Kate Heartsong


“We were both very impressed with your ability to facilitate and to bring the group to such a connection in such a short period of time. This is important and powerful work you are doing.”  Wendy M.


Workshops Offered

Shrink Fear, Enhance Confidence!

The benefits the participants receive are experiencing simple tools to realize their value and build confidence.  This results in the ability to easier reach their goals and highest potential.

They also experience an effective process to reduce fear, which supports them in building more confidence and also courage to face life’s challenges and make positive change.  This increases calmness, work productivity, decision-making, mental clarity, and reaching goals more effectively.


Become the “Eye of the Storm”:  Reduce Stress and Create Calm

Through discovering and experiencing simple techniques to reduce stress, the participant benefits by becoming more calm and recognizing it’s possible to control stress.

Participants also go through a process of commitment to self-care so they have a higher chance of integrating stress-reduction techniques into daily life, resulting in positive changes.


From the Inside Out

This empowering and experiential workshop provides easy understanding that each of us can take our power back.  We do this by changing conditioned beliefs that don’t serve us!   The audience learns how this enhances our personal and professional lives, how our work productivity increases and more.  They also experience an effective process to re-condition/ reprogramm unwanted beliefs.

Participants learn about the science proving we create our experiences from the inside out.  This means what beliefs we’ve been conditioned with (the “inside”), creates our experiences (on the outside) in all areas of our lives.

The good news is, we can change the conditioned beliefs, resulting in happier and more productive lives!


Discover Your Highest Potential

Do you procrastinate, frequently criticize yourself or feel anxious?  It’s time to change that! The truth is, you’re wonderful and have amazing gifts and skills to share!  Come discover simple tools to help you reach your highest potential and increase your self-confidence.  You’ll be able to move forward with more confidence and make positive change in your life.


“I was aware of feeling heightened confidence immediately after your talk.  The overall result has been a huge improvement in my self-esteem and confidence.  THANK YOU Kate…to help me reach my goals.”  Tammy V.


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