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“Kate was able to ask me pointed questions that helped me to identify areas that needed my attention. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  If you are feeling stuck……. give Kate a call… she is amazing!”  Christie D.

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Coaching with Kate is for you if:

–  you feel stuck, have self-doubt or lack self-confidence

–  you want the confidence to make changes, but don’t know how to

–  you want a better self-image…… or

–  you’re unsettled or fed up


Coaching with Kate can result in:

–  increasing your confidence and being 100% prepared to make changes

–  creating effective action steps to reach your desires

–  becoming empowered

–  being happier and fulfilled

–  overcoming obstacles and moving forward

–  using proven tools and strategies for positive change

–  breaking free of personal limitations

I know how tough it can be to lack self-confidence, feel stuck and not make those changes you desire.

***I also know it’s possible to have higher self-image and confidence! ***

Why?  I’m living proof that it’s possible!  This is why I’m SO passionate about helping women!

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Kate’s warm and calming presence, keen listening skills, guidance, deep wisdom and compassion provide her clients with the professional and caring guidance needed to make the positive changes they seek!

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Certified Coach through Center for Coaching Certification