Conditioning and Self-Confidence

Conditioning and Self-Confidence

Did you know where our self-confidence comes from?  It’s from our being conditioned and programmed.

The bulk of our conditioning comes mainly from birth through the age of seven.  It continues into adulthood but the most influential conditioning happens from those precious early years of life. It happens through the modeling of our parents and other authority figures, through trauma and through impactful life experiences.  It also happens from our repeating certain words, phrases and/or feelings over and over again, during our whole lifetime.

It’s fascinating to me that science proves the physiology that’s associated with our conditioning, which leads to our beliefs.  For example, Dr. Joe Dispeza, in his first book How to Evolve your Brain, the Science of Changing Your Mind, explains that through repeatedly hearing or seeing something, our brain’s neurons become stimulated and come together to form neuro pathways.   These in turn become triggered later in life when we experience a similar incident to the early conditioning.  For example, a person repeatedly hearing from her parents that she’s no good may very well grow up believing this (false) belief about herself.

Another example of conditioning is, let’s say a person had parents who fought all the time.  To that person, a “normal” relationship represents fighting.  Or how about what I heard from my dad about money: “Money is scarce”.  I grew up believing just that.  For many years, I had very little money as a result of this conditioning.  How many of you grew up hearing about money, and how has that influenced you today?

Because early conditioning leads our beliefs, we grow up experiencing the results of these beliefs. These results may or may not be what we find helpful in our lives.  It may have led to low self-esteem and confidence. The good news is we can improve our confidence by changing the beliefs through conditioning!  We CAN re-program ourselves by using various tools and processes!

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Here’s to your confidence, joy, empowerment and fun!

Kate Heartsong

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