Reflections on Gratitude

Two summers ago, I had the great blessing to visit for three weeks my family who live in Germany.  I have sixteen relatives there, more than here in America.  My mom was born in Germany but came here to America in her late twenties and spent the rest of her life here in the Denver, Colorado area (she’s been gone now for eight years…..).

You know the feeling when you haven’t seen someone for a long time, and when you do, it feels like no time has passed since the last time you saw them?  Well, that’s how it felt for me seeing all my relatives.  A happy reunion with them!

I experienced a deep sense of gratitude for being able to visit, for being at my mom’s homeland and to rest and relax.  Also,everything was taken care of for me and I sure felt provided for in many ways!  This gave me the “playground” to experience what it’s like to be provided for and I decided to bring this feeling, as well as being relaxed, into my life here at home to do my best to keep these attributes as part of my daily living.

It’s beneficial for all of us to live life knowing we already are provided with everything we need.  This leads us to be more relaxed and happy.  I know it’s far easier said than done though!  In your daily hectic lives, how do you relax?  How do you remember (or, how do you believe that)  all is provided for you?  You can better experience this type of living by living mindfully, having faith, trusting yourself and Spirit, and being open to receive, along with and a number of other life strategies and tools.  Many of these strategies and tools are easier said than done, but it’s possible!

See below for two tips and tools for how you can live in a more relaxed manner and feel more provided for, which results in being happier.

Until next time,

Kate Heartsong

Empowering Tips and Tools –  promoting relaxation and feeling provided for

 – Reflect on what, in your life, is going right and reflect on how you always have had a roof over your head, enough food to eat and have family and friends.  Sure there may have been some lean times or some times without work, but isn’t it true that you’ve always come out of those times and have always been provided for?

– Sit in meditation for fifteen minutes, setting an intention before you start to focus on deep relaxation.  As you meditate, remember a time when you felt so rested and relaxed; focus on that feeling for a while and just bath in it.  Now choose to take this feeling and give it a name, or associate a picture, scenery or smell to it and now create an anchor.  This anchor allows you to take that relaxed feeling and when you think of the picture, name or smell to it, you invoke or stimulate yourself into feeling that relaxed feeling when you’re in your day to day life.

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