Reach Your Highest Potential !

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Wouldn’t it be awesome for you to soar in your life?  To live your highest potential and authenticity?  Yes indeed!

How can you?  Here are three ways that support you in reaching your highest potential and authenticity:

1). Be true to yourself.   This means that you are aware of who you are, you’re aware of your values, beliefs and boundaries, and you LIVE by them!  This is true authenticity.  And you reach your highest potential when being true to yourself because….. drum roll please!……   when you honor and live in your authenticity, you’re in alignment with the true you!  And this results in more joyful living.

2). Recognize the gifts and skills you have and use them!   This way, once again, you’re in alignment with the awesome person you are, and sharing your gifts and skills also allows you to LIVE in service to others, by giving the “true you”.

3). Be willing to see and understand the gifts and lessons of each experience you have.  Even those  – what we label  –  as “negative” actually have gifts in them.  For example, I heard many years ago about a man who’s son was killed by gang members.  Well, after he grieved, he forgave the man who killed his son.  He also created a nonprofit to help many at-risk youth, who, as a result of this nonprofit, are no longer at risk!  Umm…  we never know what the ripple effects are in our lives, or the lives of others, from experiences (“good” or “bad”) we have.

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