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If you’re feeling stuck, have self-doubt or want more confidence, then you may be ready for change.

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You can become 100% prepared – and then take action – to make the changes you want for a happier and empowered life through Kate’s confidence coaching, insightful workshops, products, uplifting speaking engagements as well as Reiki sessions and classes.

Kate knows how you feel because she’s “been there, done that.”

Her great passion and expertise is to facilitate women’s  transformative shifts.


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Kate is also a facilitator for Climate and Culture Connection, a cutting-edge consulting company educating people to increase and live their self-leadership.

Do you have a need for a speaker?  Kate is available for speaking engagements, radio shows and special events.  Many organizations have benefited from her insightful and empowering speaking engagements and workshops.

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Kate Heartsong is an empowerment speaker, certified life coach, Reiki Master/Teacher*, the author of Deeply We Are One and a contributing author to Speaking Your Truth.      (*What is Reiki? Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing that works with life force energy. It clears energy blocks in the chakras, reduces stress and promotes an overall sense of well-being.)

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